2022-09-23 21:04:26 By : Ms. Rachel Shao

After recently announcing that Bed Bath & Beyond would be closing up to 150 stores nationwide and laying off 20 percent of their workforce, company executives have gone to work putting some stores on the chopping block.

It looks as though the company might be doing this by thirds, because the initial announcement of store closings topped off at 56 stores across the country, and six of those soon-to-be shuttered locations are here in Illinois.

As I write this, there are a little over three months left in 2022 (103 days to be exact), so it would appear that moving ahead with the planned store closings along with the layoffs to both corporate and supply chain staff is well underway.

According to ABC7Chicago.com, "shares of Bed Bath & Beyond lost nearly a quarter of their value in August after they announced a restructuring that includes store closures, layoffs and a possible stock offering."

And, based upon Bed Bath & Beyond's announcement of where the initial closings are going to take place, we got our wish. For now, at least. Rockford's store on East State Street is not on the master-list of nationwide closings.

Here are the Bed Bath & Beyond stores in Illinois that are on the closing list:

Looking at the master-list of closings, I see that here in the Midwest, Illinois is losing 6 stores, Michigan is closing 5, Iowa is shuttering 2, but Wisconsin Bed Bath & Beyond stores have been spared for the time being.